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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 1, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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responsible for the careless tax file dump. u.s. marshals explain themselves. will the look of enthusiasm influence the governor's race? jonathan: we start with this. he followed the isis playbook. that is what police say about the man who drove a rental truck down a busy bike path running down people in new york, killing eight yesterday. alison: we are also learning about the victims. many of whom were just visiting the united states. nancy: abc7 has complete team coverage from new york. we are also looking at soft targets here at home. jonathan: well, we'll begin with maggie rulli in manhattan with the latest on the investigation. maggie: the terror attack happening a couple of blocks behind me. the suspect traveling ten full city blocks barreling down the sidewalk. the authorities here remain on the scene searching for answers. >> the whole other side of the bus caved in. maggie: many parents left reliving a nightmare.
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on halloween became the target of an act of terror. authorities now saying this act was planned in advance and believed the suspect, 29-year-old safetrack sayfullo v was inspired by isis propaganda online to rent a home depot truck and purposefully barrel down a well traveled bike path for three quarters of a mile. >> there are multiple casualties. mass casualty situation. maggie: killing at least eight and leaving behind a note handwritten in arabic, praising the islamic state. >> he appears to have followed almost exactly to a t the instructions that isis put out in the social media channels. maggie: investigators say he was interviewed in 2015 by federal counterterrorism agents looking into two other men potentially involved in terrorism but saipov was never the focus of any investigation. according to police he came here in 2010 from uzbekistan. he lived in cincinnati, ohio, tampa,
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patterson, new jersey, with his wife and three children. >> we never feared anything. he had a family, too. >> authorities are beefing up security in new york and asking the public to step up and report any questionable activity. >> that is a minimum of 17 million extra eyes and ears and gut feelings to remain vigilant on behalf of all of us. maggie: there is nothing to suggest he was part of a terrorist cell or working on behalf of isis and right now there is no greater threat in new york city. in new york, maggie rulli, abc7 news. jonathan: vehicle attacks like yesterday's have been rampant this year. at the end of september in edmonton, a man running down a police officer, thin jumped out and stabbed him. in barcelona, august, 13 people killed, 11 injured when a van went down a popular avenue in barcelona filled with tourists. june 19 a van plowed into a crowd outside of mosque following services. one person was killed.
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seven people killed in two attacks on the london bridge when a van swerved to people on the sidewalks. counting yesterday, seven vehicle attacks this year. nancy: these are not big events. they are disrupting people going about their normal day. there is a difficult attack of stopping the attacks on the soft targets. stephen tschida? stephen: we saw enormous police presence in georgetown because of so many people there for halloween. a very large soft target. check this out. gallery place. look around. sidewalks crowded with people. and according to terrorism analyst, these, this is the potential soft target as well. when it comes to the potential threats the nation's
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targets. >> any city is vulnerable. especially this one and new york, highly populated. stephen: jogging paths and a bus lane downtown. >> you can't live in fear. stephen: busy metro system. law enforcement agencies across the metro area say they are coordinating their efforts and remaining vigilant as to any potential threats. meanwhile, they call on residents and visitors to stay alert. >> anything like that isn't 100% preventable but we can be aware of what is going on. stephen: the threat of terrorism is always in the back of their minds, according to people we talked to, but they said the intense efforts by law enforcement to keep them safe is comforting. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you for that. stay with abc7 for updates. we'll have reports from new york every half an hour
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at 4:30, how quickly things return to normal near the scene. at 4:45, a look at the visa program the driver used to enter the country. also you can get updates on the go by downloading the abc7 news app. "7 on your side" now with a tax alert. abc7 cameras were outside an evicted tax preparation business. all of the files they had were just dumped on the curb. we are talking sensitive information and all. q mccray is on your side with what is done to protect the customers of speedy tax. q? q: in my hand are the court documents that prove that speedi-tax owed back rent. that's why the business was evicted and shut down. the scene here on 8th street is different from what we came and witnessed firsthand. look at the video from yesterday afternoon. the cameras were rolling
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info, including social security numbers, names and addresses were just left on the sidewalk. info belonging to hundreds of people. when we showed up last night, the people were rummaging through the files. we did digging and we found out u.s. marshals were court ordered by the d.c. superior court to make the eviction. when speedy tax didn't pay the rent. they followed the policy and removed everything from within the business and placed it on the sidewalk. when i asked why were the agents leave personal info on the street i got this answer. "marshals policy prohibits placing dangerous items on street." i.e., weapons and drugs. they couldn't comment on how or why personal info was left out here but the people i spoke to today said there should be a change. >> something needs to happen, there has to be policy and procedures put in place from the federal government side to protect the information like this.
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q: this isn't the first time speedy tax had issues not paying the taxes. they have had issues paying rent back to the 2000's. i also found a couple of cases here from the small claims court where they had to pay out more than $10,000 in damages. that is the latest this everything from northeast washington. i'm q mccray. abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. download the wjla abc7 news app from google play and the app store to see the original reporting on the story. you share it with people who may have been affected by the tax document dump. they threw it out on the sidewalk. let's turn to weather. this time of year comes with the wild swings between warm air and cool air heading in the second half of the week. it's now looking up. chief meteorologist bill kelly has the forecast. when you wake up with cool weather like this, this is good sleeping weather. bill: excellent sleeping weather. i agree. today you notice we have the clouds out there. more than yesterday. good afternoon to you. let me show you the numbers. in the upper 50s and the low 60's around the region now at 61 around college park.
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our trend is going up as you mentioned. wi have clouds over the area. not much in the way of showers. fauquier county is having showers but light rain is all we expect, if that. it's not a very wet night. we arem warming up. we have that in a bit. nancy: thank you. leaders grilled as the lawmakers release a mountain of facebook ads linked to a russian agency. the ads meant to influence public opinion here as we learned yesterday that millions more people were exposed to the content than previously thought. the next person interviewed by special counsel robert mueller is trump's communication director hope hicks. she has been one of the closest and
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aides to the president. this is two days after paul manafort and rick gates were charged in connection to the russian meddling investigation. alison: we have new information about the former trump campaign chairman paul manafort travel history. court records show he has three passports. each under a different number. prosecutors say he has submitted ten passport applications. manafort apparently also went to mexico, china and ecuador with a phone and e-mail account that were registered under a fake name. jonathan: a lot of people turn to self-storage to put their stuff in a place, at least temporarily. 250 units were ransacked in frederick over the weekend. renters are still being notified that something went wrong. tom roussey in frederick with the crime alert. what happened? tom: what i'm told whoever did this cut or broke through a fence on the side of the public storage here and then they went inside and they were
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we are not sure how many hours but we know they were here between 6:00 friday night and 10:00 a.m. saturday morning. they hit a lot of units. this is video we have been taking throughout the day. a lot of customers have been coming by here and a lot of them are not happy at all, especially because many are just finding out that they were victims of this. 250 units were hit according to frederick police. they say they are still trying to talk with everybody to catalog what was stolen. what we know is that it appears that the thieves were talking small items of value. stuff like jewelry. some of the folks coming by today say they are really not getting the communication they would like to get from the folks who work here. >> the gentleman said, "i don't know." they don't give me details.
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customer talking to employees now. they are telling folks they can't get back without a police escort. if you are in an area near where the crime happened. police say they want to be with you to go over your stuff. again, about 250 units hit. as far as cameras, well, from what we are hearing there aren't any here. if there are, at the very least they didn't capture whoever did this. this was potentially a very long time they were here over the weekend. reporting live in frederick on prospect boulevard, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. four new balloons in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. you are looking at me like who cares? jonathan: if you're happy, we're happy. alison: we are. jonathan: plus your chance to compete on america's game show "wheel of fortune." we will tell you how to audition for the show in d.c. right
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nancy: kristen bell stars in "frozen" but she gets in a different character for halloween. her daughter's demand ahead. alison: we continue to follow developments from the manhattan terror attack. later in this hour we have an in-depth look at the visa program we hear about that
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jonathan: "wheel of fortune" is america's game show. your favorite as well. nancy: it is. alison: we love it. it airs at abc7 at 7:00. the question for you. do you have what it takes to join pat and vanna? nancy: a lot of skills. kidd o'shea shows how tow audition to spin -- how you can audition to spin the wheel. kidd: take a look at this. "wheel of fortune" wheel mobile rolled to washington, d.c. auditions will be held tomorrow and friday. so what does it take to be on the show? i got a sneak peek today. >> if you have always dreamed on being on america's game show and winning big money, free trips, maybe even a new car -- >> standing by the wheel with my man pat. >> the dreams could come true. but before you make it here with pat and vanna, you have to start here on the u.d.c. campus where auditions are held thursday and friday for "wheel of fortune."
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vanna on the road. >> we love our job. we love to meet the wheel watchers around our job is turn them to players and get them on the show. if you shine on stage you will get invited to a final audition. if you do well there, you are on the show with pat and the shot for $1 million. >> uncredible. some people wonder the wheel mobile is in town, "wheel of fortune" in town. are pat and vanna going to be here? >> no. but you get the fake pat and vanna. >> this is what you need to know if you plan to go to the auditions tomorrow and friday. you don't to show up too early. show up at 4:30. auditions start at 5:30. for more details on everything go to good luck. we hope you show up on "wheel of fortune." jonathan: so as he mentioned you have to make it to the real show to meet the real pat but there is
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cutout he tweeted at pat and he got a replay. the host said surveys show people would prefer spending time with my cardboard cutout than me. alison: he is from here. he came to help with us the cherry blossom parade and he was so much fun. nice guy. we are big fans. actress kristen bell is to kids and parents, of course, the voice of anna in "frozen" but she switched roles for one night. she was elsa, the ice queen for halloween at the request of her daughter. >> she is my boss. so i said yes. i can't say no to a 4-year-old. i said are you sure you want to be elsa? you don't want to be anna or anything? she is like -- nancy: isn't that funny? alison: jimmy kimmel live, and dave was filling in and he persuaded her to
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you want to build a snowman" and they did mashup with the metallica in the -- metallica's "sandman." it's worth a watch. 23 days now until the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we are getting a scoop on the new balloon. we want to show you the line-up. we have olaf from "frozen." and pop patrol chase. the grinch. jonathan: how has the grinch not made his way -- nancy: he seems like a classic. jonathan: should have been floating a long time ago. alison: jet from super wings. the controls which are so -- the trolls which are so popular. jonathan: they were popular way back when. what is old is new. nancy: great to see olaf part of it. thanksgiving is three weeks away. butter ball did a survey about one of the most important meals of the year. i know i'm already getting my stomach ready. eight i
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worry about cooking the turkey correctly. 46% of the experienced cooks worry about getting it right. but don't fret. if you have any questions the butter ball turkey talk line is up already right now through christmas day. call or text. last year one in three first-time cooks used the help line. it's a good resource. jonathan: absolutely. i say this every time we do a story about starbucks. if they change anything, we talk about. the p.r. folks are brilliant. nancy: we don't get free coffee, though. jonathan: we should. starbucks releasing the color yourself holiday cup. the cup features splashes of red and green with drawings of presents. snow flakes and a christmas tree with a star on top. the black and white illustration is mainly blank for the customers to personalize, do whatever the heck you want. starbucks stores will have colored pencils to make your own designs. so now they have coloring space for you. so the spokes sitting in there for 14 hours using
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wi-fi, now you can squish them over and color your cup. nancy: you have a lot of free time if you are coloring the starbucks cup. jonathan: the folks who get starbucks don't have that much time. they are in and out unless they have sucking in the wi-fi. bill: i would love to have that much time that's what i choose to do with it. outside this afternoon you probably notice it was not bad. jonathan: nice. bill: what i like to do when we entered a new month is show how we did the month before. check this out. we only had five -- six days. can i start over? we only had six days of the entire 31 where our temperature was below average when you look at them all. that was 64.9 degrees. by itself, what does it mean? the third warmest october we have ever had on record. records go way back. well over 100 years. so most of our days last month were above normal. some days considerably above normal. we'll watch that going to november. i thought you might find it interesting. i did.
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you see clouds. very different than it was the same time yesterday in terms of the sky cover. temperature wise are similar. 56 at dulles. 64 for d.c. hagerstown at 47. cumberland at 50. we have cooler air to the west. we are watching a few light showers. not a big deal. the clouds and the cool temperatures more of a story than the rain. if you are out and about, there are a couple of areas in the next few hours that you might be driving around, you might have to use the windshield wiper. light rain drops on the window. we are not expecting thunderstorms or severe weather. that will die down as we go through the night. we will keep it partly to mostly cloudy. the day tomorrow, we have clouds in the morning. get a few breaks here and there. the mix of the sun and clouds throughout the day. i'm not expecting showers. the weather story tomorrow is the warm air. a warm front is going to knock the numbers back up again, which we will get to in a moment. the p.m. commute cast, i'm not even including the showers on the icon because it's just
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chance around the area. the temperatures in the low 60s and some 50's. check out on friday. friday we will give a slight chance. same thing with saturday for a few light showers. i do not see an organized weather system. to me, the bigger story is the temperature. 75 degrees on friday. then we cool things down a little bit by the weekend. by sunday we are back up to 70. do not forget. we talked about it all week. even last week. what are we doing the upcoming weekend? jonathan: i almost turned my clocks back last weekend. knucklehead if i had done that. i have done stuff like that before. thank you. less than a week from election day, virginia voters will pick a new governor. but should we expect much of a turnout? a look at voter fatigue in a wild year of narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam nt to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members
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t sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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alison: the polls are tightening. ralph northam had a lead over gillespie but it looks to be evaporating. nancy: richard reeve has a look at how many people may actually vote. richard: call it the politics of division.
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the supports are protesting gillespie's immigration stance. >> virginia is diverse. we need to value every resident of virginia no matter what the background and where you were born. >> then there is rick canton. gillespie backer whose father was born in cuba. >> they are not speaking for me at all. they are speaking for division and hate. this is hatred here. richard: what about the voters not engaged? turnout in the offyear elections, 40% or less. >> i wouldn't say that are bored. there are other things distracting attention. what is going on with the federal government. >> there is a 5% difference between the candidates. just the other day, it was 17%. then there is what insiders call the trump factor. >> the president has a lot of the supporters fired up through his tweeting and attacks on the democrats. there are also democrats who want to strike a blow
4:27 pm
it as a means of doing it. >> the nation watching the race. will the passion translate to votes. >> in northern virginia, there is a heightened awareness of how important it is in virginia and the difference it can make for the coming years. >> in alexandria, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: we should let you know i got to sit down with both gubernatorial candidates. you will hear what both ed gillespie and ralph northam had to say about the race, future of virginia politics. that is coming up tomorrow. we start off with ed gillespie on abc7 news. i hope you will join us then. coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- back to new york city. the investigation into the driver and still ahead a closer look at the visa program he used to make it to the united states years ago. >> also ahead, the utah nurse dragged out of the hospital by police. she was just following the rules but she has now reached a six-figure settlement. how much she is getting paid for the trouble ahead. >> then new at 5:00 --
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announcer: you ire watching "ab
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jonathan: the deadliest terror attack in new york city since 9/11. 29-year-old man from uzbekistan plowing through a bike path and walking path aiming at the people out enjoying a nice afternoon. eight people are dead. a dozen others injured. that is how it came to an end. we are joined by maggie rulli in new york. this is a fast-developing case. what are we learning right now at this hour? maggie: the terror attack happening a couple of blocks behind me. the nypd and the f.b.i. on the scene. they were quick to call it an act of terror and quick to name the suspect, the 29-year-old sayfullo saipov. we are getting updates on saipov and learning more about the man behind as you said the most deadliest terror attack in new york city since 9/11. what we know so far, we know saipov moved here in 2010 from uzbekistan. in the u.s. he is known to have been living in tampa, florida, cincinnati,
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recently in patterson, new jersey, with a wife and three children. neighbors say they never suspected anything, that he appeared to be a family man. he had a job as an uber driver in new jersey. what is coming out today that is interesting is authorities are saying there is evidence he planned the attack well in advance and even doing a dry run to rent a truck from home depot last week and driving a similar route, perhaps practicing the terror attack he carried out yesterday that was so deadly. we also know that authorities are saying this attack while they don't believe was directed by isis was certainly inspired by isis. officials have reasons to believe that saipov was watching isis propaganda online and even friends potentially with isis members on social media. so why there doesn't appear to be a terrorist cell situation or greater terror threat in new york city there is a connection between saipov and isis. they believe that saipov was inspired by isis. jonathan? jonathan: what are the key questions that the investigators are t
4:33 pm
get answers to? maggie: i think the biggest question right now the investigators want answered is what flipped saipov. we heard neighbors describe him as having a wife and children in new jersey. he had been in the u.s. since 2010. what was it that inspired him to go online, to watch this isis propaganda and to listen to what isis was preaching and then follow through on it? why did he go on this terror attack that killed eight people? that is the biggest question. why was he easily swayed? jonathan: all right. maggie rulli? manhattan for us tonight. thank you. nancy: one thing evident last night is new york is determined to move on. michelle: the halloween parade continued and this weekend the annual marathon will take place. and anna-lysa gayle shows us even a block from the terror attack things are returning to normal. anna-lysa: the attack happened not far from the high school that operated on a normal
4:34 pm
outside the front door. the truck sat between crime scene tape. >> you never forget it. a day after the deadliest terror attack in new york city since september 11, new yorkers want to send a strong message to terror suspects. >> no one can take us down. >> what new yorkers showed already is we will not change. anna-lysa: while many return to work and school, tourists vowed not to be defeated by the attack. ryan thornton fulfilled the promise by the u.k. high school students bringing them to the 9/11 memorial. >> it's important not to let it affect you. carry on normal. the best way to beat terrorism is not let it affect you and not show them they have won. that's what we plan to do today. anna-lysa: the 9/11 memorial brings back so many painful memories for people like colleen, with another attack so close by. she almost stayed away. but she decided that wasn't the answer to the problem. >> it's horrible to say but it's happening so muh.
4:35 pm
it's time that senseless. never let fear get me down. the anna-lysa: f.b.i. continues to ask for any and all videos related to the attack. in lower manhattan, anna-lysa gayle, abc7 news. jonathan: you can download the wjla abc7 news app to get updates even on the go. you can scream all abc7 news shows live through the app. a handy resource to have. we are joined bill kelly in the weather center. this is kind of nice weather. this is what you expect toward fall. bill: this is today in maryland. cumberland, maryland. isn't that a nice shot? jonathan: beautiful. a little bit of color. bill: on the lens you saw a couple rain drops. that is all we'll see. jonathan: i saw two. bill: that is about right. couple. literally. what we are looking at now is the hourly forecast advanced through the everything. we -- advanced through the evening. notice the numbers, t
4:36 pm
not going to move much. 65 at 5:00. by 7:00, 59. 9:00 is 58. 57 by the time we hit 11:00. looking out, we have clouds and beautiful colors with the temperature currently at 64 degrees. we are going to warm the numbers up, or mother nature is. we will tell you about them in a little bit. michelle: thank you. a utah woman is $500,000 richer after a rough arrest led to a lawsuit. body camera video shows the nurse rubbles kicking and screaming as the detective jeff payne drags her out of a hospital in cuffs. this is all because she would not let him draw blood from an unconscious patient involved in a traffic crash. she demanded he provide a warrant. >> we all deserve the know the truth. the truth comes when you see the actual raw footage. that is what happened in my case. no matter how truthful i was in telling my story, it was nothing compared to what
4:37 pm
people saw. >> that video was certainly powerful. she plans to use part of the money to fund a program that helps other people access police body camera footage. jonathan: wow! all right. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- open enrollment under obamacare without obama. abc7 is on your side helping you navigate the healthcare landscape. the changes this year coming up. michelle: the redskins are rebuilding. not on the field. in the community. the park helping renovate and just who designed it next. nancy: a first look at how to start tomorrow with "good morning washington" on abc7. >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington." this new lie detector claims to work better than a polygraph using only your eyes. but does it really work? plus the latest developments in the deadly manhattan terror attack. >> and join us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow
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jonathan: they were off the field and taking reps in the community. right at d.c. prep likes and ryan hughes was there and he shows us who helped design the park. ryan: the washington redskins organization spending time away from the football field and employees are getting their hands dirty giving back to the community. more than 200 volunteers are working hard helping build a playground for children in need at d.c. prep benning elementary school. >> for our employees who are working day in
4:41 pm
something concrete that they can walk away from and see the fruits of their labor in one day. it's exciting. ryan: the washington redskins charitable foundation is teaming up with bender foundation inc. and kaboom. moving a mountain of mulch, assembling pieces of the playground that will be built in a few short hours. students are getting state-of-the-art playground but they had input in the design. >> eight weeks ago i came at the kids. they drew out what they wanted. we use that as a good inspiration for what we are doing today. it's unique. >> we are thrilled to help another school. this is our fifth kaboom build in the district. excited to be here. >> to date, the washington redskins charitable foundation has given back $20 million to the community since it was created. in northeast, ryan hughes, abc7 news. michelle: all right. next at "abc7 news at 4
4:42 pm
reminding you that the affordable care act open enrollment begins. we are on your side to help navigate the landscape. nancy: also the investigation in new york continuing at this hour. coming up, in-depth examination of the visa program that the truck driver used to legally enter the country along with the president's
4:43 pm
mark herring: my mom to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- tting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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lindsey: i'm lindsey mastis at the "live desk" with breaking news. a disturbing story that happened in gaithersburg. stop what you are doing and look at the screen right now. this is a composite sketch. computer generated sketch of the suspect wanted in that rape at a bus stop. this is a case that began in october 6. 5:30 in the morning. police say that a woman was at the bus stop when this man possibly in his 20's walked up to her, dragged her in the woods, raped her. the victim was unconscious. the suspect in this case got away. she was able to make it back home and contact authorities. this man is described possibly his 20's wearing dark colore
4:46 pm
the time. and this particular sketch is created with d.n.a. evidence to project what he may look like. so again, take a close look at your screen. we will share this online as well. if you recognize him, please contact the montgomery county police. jonathan, back to you. jonathan: all right. thanks. new focus tonight on how the new york city attacker first entered the united states. there are calls now by the president for that controversial program to be eliminated. so what is it? how is congress reacting? abc7 political correspondent, chief political correspondent scott thuman explains. scott: the man arrested for the deadly attack in new york according to the white house came to the u.s. from uzbekistan back in 2010. sayfullo saipov gained a green card through a program that the president and some on capitol hill want eliminated. >> i am today starting the process of terminating the
4:47 pm
scott: he is referring to a visa program designed by democrats and signed into law by president george h. w. bush in 1990. it's to admit around 50,000 people each year from countries with traditionally low immigration rates. >> in this tutorial, we will introduce you to the u.s. diversity immigrant visa program. scott: there are education and job requirements but vetting anyone's eventual intentions presents remarkable challenges. >> if someone can be radicalized who have lived here forever. someone can be radicalized who has come to the united states years ago. >> who is coming here? where are they at? how long are they staying? those are fundamentals ignored by both administrations in the past. scott: legislation to eliminate the program was in the works well before the attack. the president's push could spark new momentum. >> we are so politically correct we're afraid to do anything. scott: as is often the case, the president pinned blame on democts
4:48 pm
something, the way we can stop terrorism is antiterrorism funding. he cut that in the budget he proposed. scott: the president called on congress to eliminate chain migration where an immigrant sponsors a relative to get into the united states who then sponsors another and so on. it's already a tense debate in washington. on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. nancy: n.p.r.'s news chief re-signing amid sexual harassment allegations dating back to his work with the "new york times." reporting yesterday surfaced he kissed two women applying for jobs at the "new york times" when he was the d.c. bureau chief in the 1990's. the women formally complained to national public radio which had placed him on leave. jonathan: "7 on your side" now with a consumer alert. 235,000 jobs added in october. that is according to payroll processor a.d.p. that covers the private sector. the federal report shows job losses in september after hurricane harvey and irma hit texas and
4:49 pm
their october numbers and update the unemployment rate but that is happening this friday. nancy: the first obama open enrollment period without obama in office. it's shorter than in previous years. some customers who don't get help paying for the plans could see premium increases and options vanishing. abc7 d.c. bureau chief sam ford has the enrollment kickoff in washington. sam: mayor bowser celebrated the first day of open enrollment 2018 of the affordable care act. also called obamacare. the mayor said people are confused after all president trump's efforts to end it. >> they don't know what it means. so part of our message this morning is that it has had no impact on us. you should sign up today. sam: the mayor toured the signup center at the school. among those renewing, tracy craig, independent consultant and breast c
4:50 pm
said before obamacare she was rejected for insurance. >> it's not perfect but it's better than what we have before. sam: since d.c. has its own exchange, it's not affected by the fed cutback. >> we are giving the residents the full 90 days to shop and compare plans and get enrolled. >> even so, former president obama released a video urging all americans to sign up. >> it's cheaper than a lot of cell phone plans. >> at the walker clinic, they enrolled double the number today but still many questions. >> we are out here to say that the affordable care act is still the law of the land. we are still helping folks enroll. >> after the confetti, there is the clean-up. actually the city is having a citywide enrollment day on saturday. privately the people who run the program admit they are nervous about the efforts of the trump administration. reporting from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: the u.s. postal service
4:51 pm
package delivery on sunday this holiday season. the pilot program will allow you to place orders at participating stores on saturday and get them delivered by sunday. the list of the participating stores will be announced coming up soon. well, montgomery county road crews preparing for the upcoming winter season. today they staged a mock drill simulating a response if they got a whole bunch of snow. snow is not the only concern. they are also worried about ice. >> in this region you have to be prepared for the ice storms. they are tricky. they are more dangerous than snow and more difficult for us to treat and keep the roads in good shape. >> yeah, we certainly saw that after the aftermath of the blizzard. new tracking technology is being tested in the county this season to show which roads have been plowed and which still need to be cleared. nancy: i have just come to terms with fall and now we are talking aut
4:52 pm
y'all it will be tough -- alison: it will be tough. jonathan: go slow with you. bill: ease you in. nancy: exactly. bill: we are going back up. we won't feel winter the next couple of days at all. it was crisp out there. show what is going on. we look outside a gorgeous picture. even more colorful than it was last week and we are past the peak season. this is belle haven country club. take you over to, well, this is rockville, maryland. this is cooler to the west where you feel crispness in the air. wib chester is 46. manassas is 57. we still have 63 around fredericksburg and the district inside the beltway to the mid-60's. so tonight, it's a mostly cloudy if not a straight cloudy night in many locations. we have a few
4:53 pm
light showers here in fairfax county. howard county seeing light shower. the overall storm potential is non-existant. light rain moving across the region. tomorrow like i said, we are going the other direction. 73 degrees for the high tomorrow afternoon. that is the forecast for tomorrow. friday in the mid-70's with a chance. a couple of stray showers on friday and saturday. like today. not organized weather system moving through and better chance for the early part of next week. set your clock back saturday and sunday. nancy:
4:54 pm
skytrak7 over breaking news from springfield. you can see the officers gathered around. the fairfax county police are investigating an assault on springfield hills drive. this appears to be a domestic assault. that is why there are officers investigating this. kevin lewis on the way to the scene. we have more details as soon as we gets there. jonathan: coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- he spent three decades in arlington. driving force for new yorktown -- yorktown football. you will meet our coach of the
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. i'm pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no, was i supposed to get fios? mr. peterson. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. it's like it was invented to stream 4k movies and shows. how do you know so much about tv and internet? the internet. right. streaming is only as good as your internet. so get the best internet - with the 100% fiber-optic network - get fios - now just $79.99 per month for fios gigabit connection plus tv and phone.
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minnesota z michelle: -- michelle: bruce hanson coached for three decades but the love for the game doesn't compare to the passion he has for the players and the school. robert burton is with our coach of the week. robert: 33 years and counting as the yorktown football coach. bruce isn't leaving anytime soon. >> we have had a lot of success over the years. i work with a great coaching staff and administration. the coaches are good. the kids are really good. it's been a great place to work. we have won a few football games, too. robert: yes. a lot of football games. he is in the 250 wins club. but he cherishes more than be
4:58 pm
it's his community he really loves. >> i teach physical education here. i don't just coach. i live in the community. yorktown everywhere. robert: coaches on the staff haven't strayed too far from the nest. >> the defensive coordinator played here. the offensive coordinator played here. everybody on the staff played at yorktown. i know all the guys pretty well. >> as fate would happen, he didn't stray far either. >> i wanted to be a coach. i wanted to be a college coach. but my college coach had a connection in arlington and i landed in arlington, went to wakefield high school. i never left. robert: with the coach of the week, i'm robert burton. announcer: right now at 5:00, a closer look at the manhattan attacker and his anger. a former f.b.i. agent looks in what may have set him off.
4:59 pm
bad news. bad break-in. why they are as angry with the staff as the thieves. thanksgiving takes a backseat. >> i'm not fond of it at all. >> the christmas creep arrived. but too soon? it depends who you ask. alison: tonight investigators are searching the home of the man accused of killing eight people on the new york city bike trail. larry: they say sayfullo saipov drove for nine blocks. the 29-year-old was interviewed by federal terrorist agents two years ago looking for two other men involved in terrorism but he was never the focus of an investigation. omar jimenez has the latest on the manhattan terror attack. >> this was the actions of a depraved coward. omar: investigators say the suspect in the new york terror attack planned the deadly ride for weeks and inspired online by isis. >> he appears to have followed almost exactly to a t
5:00 pm
in its social media channels before. omar: police say he used a rented truck to plow into people on a bike path. he crashed into a school bus before being shot in the stomach by an nypd officer and taken into custody. >> i started walking in that direction to see what is going on. i see all types of police, firefighters. e.m.s. rushing to the area. >> five of the people killed were from argentina. celebrating their 30th high school reunion. another victim from belgium. >> it was the definition of terrorism. an effort to take away people's hope and spirit and to make them change. >> this is the deadliest terror attack in new york since 9/11 and it ended in the shadow of the world trade center. >> my message to all new yorkers is do what you do best. be new yorkers. be strong, be proud. be resilient. show the whole world


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